The Good Hope Team

Good Hope Ministries is a holistic ministry committed to improving the lives of the Tumbuka people in northern Malawi through sharing God's word and showing God's love in many practical ways.
Our team of native Tumbukan missionaries travel from village to village, sleeping in tents, teaching and providing people ways to improve their lives in a self-sustaining way.
We strive to teach in ways they can treasure what they have learned to better their living conditions and so give themselves good hope for the future here and for all of eternity.
  • Reaching approximately 110 villages each year
  • Serving a free hot lunch to all who come - provided so that many will not only come but stay for the two day programs
  • Giving New Testaments to all who attend our programs
  • Giving a full Bible & Bible lessons to all church leaders and chiefs
  • Showing the ‘JESUS’ film a 2 hour film on the life of Christ in every village we go to
  • Distributing Bible Lessons to anyone with the desire to lead a Bible study group
  • Teach men to provide, protect and love their wives and children God's way
  • Repair all broken boreholes (wells) 
  • Treat all their skin issues such as ring worm, scabies and sores
  • Distribute reading and prescription glasses
  • Distribute blankets, sleeping mats, clothing and shoes to the very poor
  • Teach children that God loves them and is with them always
  • Teach youth the importance of getting an education and living their lives God's way
  • Our Goal is to reach all 1,500,000 Tumbuka people